April Challenge – First Project A bag

So today, I’ve started working on my April Challenge projects. As I found it had to  decide with which of the projects to start, I’ve thought that an easy bag pattern might do it.

So for today I’ve chosen a bag from Clare Youngs’ book called ‘The Perfect Handmade Bag. If you  want your own copy have a look on Amazon or The Bookdepository.

This time I chose the bag called in the  book ‘Tweed and silk scarf purse’.

I’ve made my own pattern from the instructions in the book. The book does not have the full patterns. You  get templates for the bag corner and  the top bit,  and then you  need to build your back from  that. I made my version a bit bigger. I like big bags, into  which I can put loads of stuff.

To make the bag, I used fabric from a un-wanted coat and scraps left from  another project.

The Original Bag  

As the grey, felt a bit boring I’ve added some zigzag stitched on top to give it a bit of personality  and to match  the lining.

I also added a few pockets inside, the original bag does not have any.

Forgot how hard it is to sew slippery fabric, so the lining is not as great, but you  cannot tell and it is inside, so  as long as you do not look inside, you  cannot tell.

Also, I don’t have a scarf that goes with the lining, so  as I had enough fabric left to  make a square sash, to use as scarf for my bag

My version

As you  can image, I will struggle to finish a project every day. So I will not rush like today (to many mistakes on my part , and not enough time in a day. I got to work and have a life as well, so I’ll take my time, but I will keep you up to date with  where I am). I am aiming to do about  2-3 hours a day sewing  + 30 minutes blogging (this might mean I am catching up with my blog reading  and writing my blog posts). Will  see how that works out for me! !!

Let me know what you  think about my projects and I’m open to any advice you can give me.

Thanks, from taking time to  read my posts. I really appreciate it, and Love to read  your comments.


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