Lisette Dress and Jacket review not ready :(

lisette dress and jacket

I wanted by now to have a review for the Lisette K2209 pattern. I was very good at finishing them, but I struggle with writing the post as I am already eager to start with my April Challenge projects. This and I want my pattern to be a good one.

So until I get a chance to write the review I’ll give you a few shots from the ‘photo shoot’. Anita kindly took some lovely pictures for me while wearing my newly make garments.   I do think that modelling the garments yourself is better, than just taking pictures on the dummy, but most times, I do not get someone to take photos of me and do not like trying to do so in the mirror. 🙂

I finished the dress yesterday afternoon, and this morning we took the pictures in the backyard :). The Jacket is another story. I’ve finished some time ago. I was not sure I would have had enough time to finish the dress as well so we went to the park for a few pictures of the jacket :))


Rally Chalet 12_74

And now I’m ready to think about which project to start my April Challenge: Hmmmmmm! Wonder where to start? Should it be a top or a skirt, or maybe I will start with a bag?



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