Underpants tutorial

As I was trying to find a project to make a Christmas present for my husband, it dawned to me that I could make him some underpants.

The easiest way to do this was to take an old pair of his and use it as a pattern.



  • old pair of underpants
  • unpick
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • sewing  needles (machine and hand)
  • overlocker (optional)
  • ruler/seam gauge ruler
  • fabric – 87x110cm or 34 x 43 inches
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • buttons (used two with my project)
  • elastic


 SNV32090 1. The first thing you will need to do is to unpick the underpants. All the seams until you are left with four pieces – two for the back and two for the front. You only need one for the front and one for the back. I also kept the elastic, to use later for the waist band.
2. Place your newly made pattern pieces on your fabric which you have on fold and pin it. Correct any lines I had to  redraw some  lines and I’ve added 1 cm seam allowance as the original underpants had only 0.5cm.

3. Cut your pieces, and if you  want overlock them. I used me overlocker, but this step is optional or you  can use your sewing machine by zig-zag-ing the edges.

SNV32091SNV32092 SNV32093 SNV32096SNV32106
4. Pin right sides together one front piece and a back one on the side seam. Then sew it on your machine. SNV32109SNV32111
5. Iron the newly stitch  and press open. SNV32112SNV32113
6. Pin, stitch front and back seams at the crotch. Iron seam open SNV32115SNV32116
7. Before you stitch your  left and right legs together at the centre seam, mark the point of the opening. I’ve marked mine at 1.5cm from  the centre front and same from the opening point. (basically,  same amount you  used for the seam allowance). SNV32117
8. Pin your left and right pant right sides together. Then Stitch together. I started at the centre front, with  the longest stitch length(remember you  will be opening that part later) and stitched it all the way around. At the marked point of the opening, I changed the length of the stitch and backstitched. SNV32119SNV32123SNV32126
9. At this stage, unpick  the front centre seam and make your  button holes. that if you want to  use Buttons. SNV32127
10. To make sure the opening is secure, I made two boxes to make the seam stronger. You  do not have to do this, if you do not want to.  I have also folded the top bank and topstitched it in place. SNV32129
11. Measure and cut your elastic. Then pin it to the waist. I pined first the centre back then the front and then the sides. After that I used  my zig-zag stitch on my  machine and by puling the elastic I made two rows at the top of the elastic and at the bottom (You cannot see my stitch because I used white tread on the side of the elastic) SNV32131SNV32140SNV32141 SNV32142
12. I’ve done my hems using the template I found and downloaded from  www.scientificseamstress.com SNV32143SNV32144
13. And voila you’ve got a pair of underpants. Here are a few I’ve made. SNV32149SNV32150SNV32151

Hope you had found my tutorial easy to follow and are inspired to make some yourself.


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