Burda issue February 2011 – dress pattern 120 completed :)

As I was telling you  a few weeks ago I decided to make another dress from Burda Style.  So I’ve managed to finish it.


For my dress I used a camouflage fabric. But I think next time I will use a solid colour fabric. The lines of the dress show better on simple fabric. Do not get me wrong, I do like the dress, but I feet that the design lines are lost due to the busy pattern.

As we changed our computer recently I managed to  lose some of the pictures I’ve been taking while making this dress. These are the few ones that have survived. You  can still get an idea of how I’ve put the dress together though. Before I’ve started it I overlooked all the raw edges and in contrast thread I have marked the stitching lines for the pleats, pockets’ position and eyelets placement. It just makes my sewing more accurate. This is a tip I got from Claire B Shaeffer’s Book ‘Couture Sewing Techniques’.

construction notes

I found the pattern instructions a bit hard to follow and understand. Most of the project I’ve made it making it up. The instructions helped me construct the dress in the right order. However, I started by making the pockets first so by the time the instructions advised to make them and put them in, I also ready had them ready. As as design feature I chose to do  a zig-zag topstitch line on sleeve hem and pocket flap and opening.

I was quite happy with the result, as the dress looks good. It is different, but looks good. It took me a few tries to  get the eyelets in. I wished that I would have started at the bottom in putting them in. A few at the neck  are not that great, but you  can’t tell anyway. It is just me who, because I know where I’ve made the mistakes I seems to  see them.

I will style my dress with a thin belt to emphasise the waist, just because I like to do that as I am petite and by adding a belt I look a bit taller :)) and it will not make me look fat as well.

SNV32133 SNV32137 SNV32135 SNV32136

UPDATE: the underpants tutorial is almost ready, I’ve completed the project now all I need to do is to put the pictures together and write the instructions.

simona 1


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