March 2012 Burda Style issue arrived!!!!

I am  so pleased. It finally arrived! Our own BurdaStyle March 2012 issue.  And the cover looks promising.


At first glance the issue is not very appealing. But I had another look and discovered a few projects  I do want to make.  All the projects  are shown in the next picture.


I do love the dress on the cover page. Hopefully the twisted neck age will flatter me. Normally I struggle to  fit the V-necks as I am large busted and I always seem to come out if i do not make changes to the patters, and the the moment I am not confident enough re-draft it. I would not know where to start.

SNV32038Another lovely dress it the 102B. It is a basic dress, but by adding a layer  of lace on top, the look becomes elegant and stunning.  A must. SNV32043 Another lovely dress, is pattern 105. I’d make it more as a summery  dress with  patterned fabric. Also I might be make it shorter or even transform it  into a blouse by making the top longer. Will just have to see how I feel about it, I guess. I’ve learnt when it comes to sewing I keep changing my mind all the time.

SNV32044Lovely top 121, which comes with  two versions, short and long sleeved. I prefer the long sleeves. But I would not use white jersey to make out  of. I have a bit of a fear of white. I think it makes me fat and whenever I wear it  it gets  dirty pretty fast. So it is a No, No  for me. 🙂

SNV32047  And the last projects that caught my interest in this issue are the 116 Jacket and 126 Pant patterns. I actually love the combination used in the magazine. Looks cute.

SNV32048 Also I love the DIY Trent projects described. The little ‘XS Bags’. All you  need is a pair of old pants or a sock with  personality. Also with a high impact are the ‘peplums’ made out of strong colours to create impact to a dress.

Page1 So although at first I though  I won’t like more than two project out of this issue, I can say that  I’ll be making quite a few. so I’d better get on it soon.

simona 1

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