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Today I struggled to choose a subject for my post. It must be that today I am in the mood to finish some the projects I work on at the moment. I did not want to do a post about some of my old projects but come up with something new. I thought I could do a post about my future projects and what I intend to make at some point, but then got distracted as I always do by reading some lovely and creative blogs. So I there I have it this is what my post will be about today.

Where  I get my inspiration from?

Well, most of it comes from the internet: crafty blogs, patterns, fashion magazines and sewing ones too.


Well  I have so many of them saved( with a backup list on my PC book – yes I have one of those – so many times my computer played on me and I had to  format it and lost everything, so now  I have loads of backups 🙂 ). Among the blogs I most follow and that inspired me to create one  are:

grosgrain      – Like the title says, it is fabulous. Kathleen’s  blog is so professional. Also  it has a lot of projects you  can inspire yourself from. she puts a lot of tutorials in case you want to have a go at them, both written and video ones. It is also easy to follow. Does not only talks about sewing but also about other crafts. Her blog is the one to go if you are interested in many crafts. One of the latest posts she put on is the tutorial on how to make paper flowers. they look just like the real ones. Lovely.  Go have a look. I am sure you will love it too.

wordpress  – Dana’s blog is a collection of very diverse ideas, starting with sewing projects to cooking. She is writing about everything. And some of her latest posts show that a pregnant woman can still wear trendy clothing. love her last post about the sweet confections on 2 February 2012, pictures are great. Off, I’m craving some chocolate now. 🙂

wordpress – this blog is also awesome. This Polish lady has some great ideas. Her blog is bilingual – Polish and English. But I use Google Chrome which translates pages automatically, so no matter the language I can still understand it. She has her own tutorials on some of her own original projects. I love that yellow dress she wants to make the Simplicity dress. See her post on 31 January 2012.

tantis – another lovely blog. She is making some nice pieces of clothing. I love the fact that her children are part of the blog. One of her latest posts I like is the one on 24 January 2012 when she’s talking about the pros and cons of making your own jeans.


sewaholic_logo_960x250 – Tasia’s blog is wonderful. she makes lovely patterns, that she tests before she sells them with the help of her followers on her blog. I hope to give it a try with one of her patterns. She also has a section called Sew-Along where she documents each step taken in the construction for some of the patterns she created. So if you just got one of her patterns, you can always have a look there, especially if you are stuck.

selfishseamstress – I love Elaine’s style of writing about her projects. I love the fact she is honest about the fact she loves sewing for herself mostly. All her projects look so professional. Love her finished garments. Her pattern reviews are great, with loads of details, which sometimes you would not normally observe. On her blog, she has a section where you  can download some of her patterns. Lovely, like she is. I am a bit sat that since September 2011 she has not been back, but that does not stop me from checking her blog many times, especially when I am in search of inspiration ideas.

I’d better stop here with the blogs, otherwise, I will never post this, as I’ve been writing it forever. There are a lot more other blogs I read and from which I get my inspiration, but these are a few I’ve been reading in the last few weeks or so.


twinkle sews

By Wenlan Chia.

‘This book features 25 gorgeous sewing projects that bring the author’s runway designs to life. Every garment’s pattern is on the accompanying CD, which readers can print out, tape together, cut out and get to work! The book helps you create stunning clothes at a fraction of the boutique price and made to fit perfectly, from tops to dresses.’ All different, not the typical patterns. Can’t wait to dive into making some projects from it. I am just stalling at the minute because I am trying to lose some weight and I want to start with the skirts. I want them to be fitted, and if I make them now, they will end up to lose on me.  I like the fact that the instructions are simple and clear and for each project, she also gives you ideas on how each project can be changed.



They have five main patterns and then asked some members to make their own versions. the book is packed with pictures of same projects in different people’s views. And it also gives some basic techniques and ideas how to make construction or modifying a  pattern easier. I least some new things from this book,


sew serendipity

by Kay Whitt

Just lovely girlie book. the possibilities are endless. I just love it. It comes with the patterns in a variety of sizes. Also, the instructions as simple as possible and they come with lots of diagrams as well. In making the pictures they used both skinny people and bigger size in order to show how her clothing will look on different types of bodies, which not many do.




by Amy Butler

When I decided to make some bags, I stopped at her book. I think her fabrics are great, although not really my style, as I prefer simpler patterns, but her combinations are great and the patterns for the bags in a huge variety of sizes. You can have little bags or large bags. The instructions are accompanied by diagrams, especially for the tricky parts.


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