Christmas Presents 2011 – summary of what everyone recevied

Everybody last year received sewn presents. I started working on the projects in October 2011 and finished the last one after Christmas end of January 2012.

I think the hardest part was deciding on what to make for everybody. After that the rest was easy.
My Hubby received a large number of boxers. Well, he was the one complaining he does not have enough of them, so I bought some camouflage fabric and made him about 7 pairs. I pinched an old pair, that was in a bad state and used it as a pattern for the new pairs. I did not want him to know about it.  (I do not have a picture at the moment, but will take some soon and add them to this post).

His brother wanted a medieval shirt so made one for him. As I did not have enough cream cotton, I decided to make the cuffs and the collar in contrasting fabric. Because I am still terrified of making buttons I used poppers to make the closures on the cuffs. Also for the neck facing, I used the black fabric as well. Also made some holes and put in eyelets and threaded a string of leather through. Gorgeous.

For my mother, I made a dress, from a pattern I found in the Patrones magazine. I even managed to convince her to model it for me but has to promise I’ll keep her face out of the picture.  Loved it on her. She has to go again through the torture of the fitting.

For my mother in law and one of the grandparents, I made aprons. Well, they love to cook, as in these cases the decision was easy. I used the ‘baker’s apron’ pattern from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts as a basis.

For one of the granddad’s, I’ve made a wall organiser made of fabric. I used two projects from  Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts as a basis.

One of the grandmother’s in-law received a set of 6 table mats and coasters. Which I’ve been told she loves.  For that, I used a tutorial I found on the internet as an inspiration for the project (more the shape).

My father in law received a remote control organiser. I have used a tutorial I found on the internet at sew4home. Follow the link to the tutorial.

Also made a large Origami bag from Amy Buttler’s book Style Stitches, for one of my co-workers.

from Amy Buttler's Style Stitches

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